Executive Board

Executive Director

Associate Director

Executive Committee

Business and Economics coordinatorDr. Manish Agrawal (Information Systems Decision Sciences), e-mail: magrawal@usf.edu

Interdisciplinary Research Dr. Ming Ji ( Biostatistics, Nursing), e-mail: mji@health.usf.edu
Industry, Government agencies, and External entities coordinatorDr. Chris Tsokos (Statistics, Math & Stat), e-mail: ctsokos@usf.edu
 Engineering CoordinatorDr. Yicheng Tu, e-mail: ytu@cse.usf.edu
Psychology & Social sciences coordinatrorDr. Kenneth Malmberg (Psychology), e-mail: malmberg@usf.edu
Public Health coordinatorDr. Getachew Dagne (Biostatistics, Public Health), e-mail: gdagne@health.usf.edu
Colloquium/Seminar Coordinator– Dr. Kandethody Ramachandran
Health Sciences coordinator– Dr. Ming Ji ( Biostatistics, Nursing), e-mail: mji@health.usf.edu,

 External Advisory Board

  • Dr. Jam Nelavai, nelavaij@techaffinity.com; jam@nelavai.com;  (President and CEO Techaffinity Inc.)
  • Dr.Henry Roberts, hdr9@cdc.gov; (Senior Statistician, Epidemiology & Surveillance Branch, Division of Viral Hepatitis), Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Web Administrator – Zheni Stefanova (PhD student in Math& Stat)